Living in a different country every month


There was a time when I thought: “Wouldn’t it be great to have a job where I could live in a different country every month and do what I love?”

“Who wouldn’t want that…”, “Your head is always in the clouds”, “Do it!” – my friends reacted differently when I dreamed about the perfect vision.

My mind is designed in a way that every time an abstract idea appears in it, I always ask myself “Why not?”

I’m not looking for obstacles but for open doors. It’s my life strategy and I am a living proof that it works! (I will discuss this later on).

I like to be a pioneer, an initiator and an organiser so

I just invented such a job myself

I‘m currently preparing for a trip to the first of a dozen or so countries that I will visit.

Where work and passion come together

Perhaps some of you have heard of a project which I created some time ago and announced it as “Travel around the blogs“.

The project consists in that:
travel around the world, meet bloggers from different countries, discover their local cuisine and culture together, make international friends, integrate the internet-based creators from around the world, share my knowledge, inspire, and as time passes, taking one step at a time, strive to create international projects.

I want to prove that boundaries as well as language and cultural differences are not a barrier preventing people from doing the good and necessary things together – both commercially and socially.

Sounds too ambitious? I like ambition

Last year, I completed three pilot trips: Malta (July), Macedonia (October) and India (November-December, however this trip focused mainly on social activities combined with blogging).

I researched whether this project had a potential and whether people would be interested in it. A few notes were created but not published as systematically and not in a form as I’d want them to be.

I still remember the amount of stress I experienced prior to my first trip

It was gone when a few hours after landing I was sitting in a restaurant with 16 Maltese female bloggers.

A kick of motivation not only from bloggers

Bloggers were quite shocked that someone is willing to travel hundreds and thousands of kilometres only to meet them.

“The best blogging project in recent years”, “Explore, write and we will read!” – I heard.

An Indian blog organisation even wrote an article about me, read here: Polish “Mother of bloggers” visits BlogAdda.

It was an extraordinary kick of motivation so I had to continue to do it and fulfill it systematically.

And now… it’s becoming professional thanks to supporters of my project!

It just so happened that in the meantime two companies interested in supporting the project have contacted me. Do you realise what this means? They contacted me!

I was quick to prepare a presentation on the project, attended meetings, exchanged tens of e-mails and… it worked! Let’s go!
I was thrilled and terrified at the same time because now my project will be taken to another level of expectations. I have to be consistent and systematic.

Who had faith in the potential of the project?

Let me first highlight that these companies act completely independently and are not bound by any mutual arrangements. They didn’t make any contact with one another and they are separate supporters of “Travel around the blogs“.

Here they are!


Flying to meet bloggers

Since I want my project to be more professional I have to make my flying experience more professional. The fact that I can specify my destinations and the time of departure is a huge help and I’d like to thank LOT for it.

Moreover, LOT is a Polish company and I’m a Polish native who wants to fly to meet international bloggers – what other airline would support me if not LOT?

I’d like to show a great deal of appreciation for openness and support!

I love to fly so I’ll take this opportunity to learn the mysteries of the cockpit, the work of the stewardesses and any other airline secrets; I will test aircrafts and a LOT of destinations.

During this projects we are also preparing a LOT of surprises because I’d like to share my benefits with you.

And this applies both to my Polish readers and the international ones.

Look at my professional graphic and picture:)


My mobile office and Go Europe

Finally, I will be able to travel and use my phone whole being online without access to Wi-Fi.

Orange will help me prove that I can work and complete jobs from my Polish customers, regardless of where I am.

When I was going abroad, my customers automatically considered it to be a time for vacation so they withheld any mail until I returned, while monitoring the photos I posted on my social networks.

I know it’s still hard to believe but travelling can really be combined with working.

I’m taking my mobile office with me now.


My plan for this year

  • One month, one country.
  • Two weeks in Poland and two weeks abroad.
  • More notes, more materials and being systematic.
  • Still running project for my clients.

We all know that it’s hard to predict everything this year and I might suddenly end up in Nepal for a month to meditate in a house in the Himalayas.

Fortunately, both of my partners are flexible and offer a great deal of understanding.

Nevertheless, this year’s plan assumes European countries and it’s something I’m planning to realise.

Wish me luck!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your blogging projects so that you can experience a moment when you realise that you’ve done enough planning and you can act now!

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