Cafés to work in Madrid


Tested, carefully selected from rankings of Madrid cafés, recommended by bloggers from Madrid.

Here are, in my opinion, the best cafés in Madrid, where you can peacefully sit with your computer, do some work, eat something good and meet other people working with their computers.

La Bicycleta

This place has the atmosphere. Bicycles hanging from the ceiling, old furniture, two big tables, the possibility to bring your dog and, most importantly for me, a separate “workplace” with power sockets, chairs and little tables right by the window. I’ve been there a couple of times, each time my work efficiency was quite high. Therefore, this place has good energy, although it’s often difficult to find a free table and the staff is pretty busy. The place is popular and crowded but it’s absolutely worth stopping by.



La Ciudad Invisible

A café-library kind of atmosphere. I went back there three times, which says a lot. The prevailing atmosphere of tranquility inspires a lot to work and study. Smiling, friendly staff and good tea.


Federal Cafe

This is where I ate the delicious quinoa salad (oh, I’ve just recalled its divine taste again…). Bright space with a big table in the centre and mini-tables by the window (perfect for work). Quite a few people with computers, and that salad…


federal jedzenie

Bon Vivant & Co

Everything was fine until my laptop battery went flat. Three power sockets in a huge room are definitely not enough. Nevertheless, I worked well there, and the stuff was smiling so beautifully.

bon vivant

Tavolo Verde

I was enchanted by the table made of wood that had lived through a lot, remembered a lot and still looked fine; and also by the 100-year-old skis (I’m suspecting they were 100 years old) hanging on the white, brick wall. Small space, peaceful atmosphere, organic coffee and, in addition, an antiques store.


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