If only you knew where I was working in Romania


I decided to combine my working and travelling. 
It’s the art of the choosing, strong-will, compromising between the desire to explore new places, and the need to spend the whole day at the computer. It is exhausting, but I would not change my life for nothing!

Usually I work from cafes or coworkings but in Romania it was a little bit different.
Fortunately, when it was 9 o’clock in Romania in Poland it was just 8 o’clock, so I had an hour extra . In working and traveling such differences can be very helpful.

Well now, where did I work?

Empty room at the bus station

My phone’s battery, dead, my computer’s battery also dead, I arrived at the bus station in Cluj Napoca. I’m looking for an socket. Nowhere can I find any. I went into some strange, empty rooms. There weren’t even any people whom I could ask for a socket. I found it! One socket. I plugged in, I sat on the floor. I sent emails, finished my presentation. It started to get dark. I am alone in this empty room. A man enters and says “the station is now closing”.
“Let me stay here”.
“There’s a bar next door, they have a socket” – he said.

Smoky bar with people sipping on their beer

So I went to this bar. I broke through the cigarette smoke. Sockets were located in such a way that I stood on the dais, connected with cables, and below me people sitting at the table with cigarettes and beers. If only they were young, handsome Romanians. But no, they were elderly gentlemen and there’s Me standing there with my computer replying to e-mails like if I were on stage in front of them …

Empty railway station

I decided to be clever and frugal so I decided to get from one place to the other by two trains. One of them, however, arrived too late and I had three hours of waiting in some small village, on an empty train station. Empty, because maybe there were 3 people in sight.
I sat on the stairs and found out that the Orange’s reception is absolutely great here. So I worked, I talked on Skype, I did a report for a customer. Some gypsy boy walked by me. He waved, as if marveled by seeing me here like this.


A jammed, hot bus

In the jammed and hot bus I run one of the YouTuber campaign.
The boy sitting next to me, glanced curiously at me when I was curled up (because of the little legroom I had) for 2 hours phoning people and, with the computer just in front of my nose (because I had to curl my legs really high), I wrote something on a computer.

Strawberry field

On the strawberry field I downloaded YouTuber movies, which they have created for this campaign. Abstract.



Here I have been working most often. I am also writing this note in a café. It’s like my own personal travel agency.
In Romania, I was exceptionally lucky, because Raluca contacted me, from the Romanian branch of Orange, and gave me a phone with an unlimited internet access. As a result, I was online all the time and I had to send emails to customers, in really challenging conditions, and at the same time I had to cover Romania on Snapchat.





I was in luck

Romania gave me a lot of luck. I met Raluca (PR Officer at Romania Orange) who supported my trip by giving the phone with internet. Thanks to that I could work from many different places.

I owe really much to the people working at Orange, because of their roaming support (Orange Go Europe) I can be on the phone in really different conditions.

Reception in Romania, Orange is really good. Tested solidly.

In Romania, just like in Poland, Orange collaborates with bloggers, supports their projects, activities, that’s why I got so much support from them. They also invited me to their Smart Store (revolutionary store concept). There’s also one in Warsaw, at Panska Street. What’s interesting: the first Orange Smart Store has been opened in Romania and the second one in Poland!


Professional fulfillment

Maybe I do have a stress, so that my clients had the feeling that I’m always available to them, and maybe sometimes I have to spend all day in a new city sitting and working in a cafe.

But I always wanted to have such a life, and despite the hardships I am grateful that I can work and travel, and that I have companies that support my life.


I also wish you a sense of professional fulfillment too.

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  • http://mdst-life.blogspto.com MDST_

    Do not intend to sound rude. But some of your sentences make no sense whatsoever since consist of polish grammar and punctuation; same with the usage of polish shortcuts, which are not very obvious in English.
    – I decided to combine my working and travelling. -> I decided to combine my work and travel/work with traveling.
    – jammed bus -> packed/busy bus (jammed rather be used to describe that something got broken)
    – Maybe I do have a stress -> Maybe I’m stressed (in your context that would mean that you put accent of something or highlighting it)

    Also, some of the words are too sophisticated for a regular description of the day in Romania, more likely to appear in academia paper.

    I guess you intend to improve your language skills by writing your blog in foreign language. Thus, even though you are on of the most popular blogger in Poland I decided to point out the parts you might improve in the future.

    ‘Apparently English isn’t as easy as everybody thinks and the language used by the natives vary from that learnt at school.’ – that’s what I have been told once arrived to the UK.

    All Best.

    *once again sorry, don’t intend to make you look as a fool.