Where the magic plays with people


I was waiting all year to come back to Macedonia to the magical Ohrid. When I finally came it was like a slap in the face.

Ohrid lost its magic. 

Maybe sometimes it’s better to wait a little bit longer before coming back to one’s favourite place and just enjoy the memories rather than let the spell break?

But at that time I haven’t known yet that the magic will appear again in a totally different way. 

The sky was grey, cloudy, it was raining. I put the hood over my head and went through Ohrid’s alleys, while thinking about the wonderful previous year (check my last article: “People, go visit Ohrid”).

I dreamed about sitting on a hill with the view on the lake, mountains, the Church of St. John at Kaneo (on the picture above) and just meditating in the sun. 

I climbed up, wet and cold. 

A moment later a thing that ultimately broke the spell happened. 

My camera, my working tool, fell into the Ohrid’s lake!

It slipped out of my bag and got stuck in-between the rocks below the bridge. I was rooted to the ground, unable to believe in what I’m seeing. 

There was no one around, save for a boy who in a second took off his jacket and went under the bridge to reach for the camera. 

Totally wet. 

Oh Ohrid. It was the absolute sign that I shouldn’t have been back. 

Unless it was a sign that I shouldn’t take any pictures. Ha ha. 

I spent the evening discrediting my reasons for travelling and still being on the way.

The rain was pattering against the windows, the camera was drying up next to the heater and I, frozen to the bone, was trembling under the covers. Brrr… 

In the morning I went for a walk. The sun appeared!!! The sky was blue again. 

I visited the place where my camera fell into the water.

It was warm, calm, the sun was shining and the boats were swaying on the lake. 

I sat on the bridge facing the sun and suddenly I felt grateful for everything I have and I experience. 

For my family, friends, love, health, freedom, people who I have met on my way. I was overwhelmed by an incredible calmness and happiness. 

The wet camera and the money, which I have to invest into a new one, lost their importance at that moment. They were just things.

I don’t want to make you feel sick with the solemnity, but people sometimes forget about such simple gratefulness. 

And at that moment old boatman came up to the bridge. 

“Good morning! How’s your camera? Is it working?” he shouted as he moored the boat. 

“How do you know what has happened to my camera, no one was here”. 

“I was, I was watching from the distance.” he answered and disappeared to somewhere. 

I kept on sitting there enjoying the moment and trying to remember that fisherman. 

He came back after few minutes and said: 
“You know… it’s beautiful that even though your camera fell into the lake right here, you can still enjoy this place, notice its singularity and celebrate the moment.” 

The fisherman unmoored the boat and went away as the magic of Ohrid came back. 

But you know what’s the most interesting?

The boy who helped with my camera… Before my “camera accident” I saw him sitting and meditating on a hill with the view on the lake. His peaceful pose attracted my attention. And few minutes later he appeared by the lake helping with my camera.

I’ve found him in a photo!


Life and love it’s not about permanent fireworks, fairy-tale sunsets, blissfulness and pleasure. Everything what you love can sometimes makes you burned and tired, but if you still appreciate it, if you are patient and listen to yourself… the beauty and bounty will come back.

I will come back to Ohrid again and you also feel invited there. Once again -> People, go visit Ohrid. There you will find more information about this amazing place, where the magic plays with people.

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