About me

Nice to see you here.

I’m Ilona Patro, based in Poland but travel very often.

My carrer and my passion come together and it’s a beautiful thing.

I work with inspiring and creative people, movie makers, bloggers, photographers. I love creative industry, this is why advertising is my professional space. As a freelancer I support companies and advertising agencies in cooperation with bloggers and youtubers, creating promotional campaigns, organizing events as well as online video production.

I cooperate with one of the most popular online videographer, Krzysztof Gonciarz, managing his movie projects.

I love writing, drinking coffee (what you can see in the pictures below), dancing, tasting good food, doing yoga and enjoying life by my all senses.

My motto is: Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen.

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I run “Travel Around Blogs” project to explore the world, meet bloggers and inspiring people from different countries, share experiences, discover new places, culture, cuisines and write about it. I love working from cafes and trying to find friendly places for freelancers in different countries.


As the first person in Poland I started integrating the Polish bloggers by organizing meetings for different types of them (tech, fashion, food, media bloggers in the same event).

I organize events, workshops, picnics and the biggest Christmas Party for bloggers in Poland – Blogowigilia.pl (for around 700 bloggers).


I have 9 years experience in supporting the biggest companies (like Orange, Coca-Cola, LG, Nutricia, Huawei, Pernod-Ricard, Danone, Pepsi) and advertising agencies in cooperating with bloggers and youtubers as well as in online video production. It means: creating promotional campaigns with influencers (for example articles, reviews, videos, events) and being the bridge beetwen them and companies. I also help people to gain sponsors for their projects.