The train is going faster and faster as the kilometres are passing. I’m writing this text and loads of my thoughts and emotions are chasing the outside landscape.

I am close now, I’m getting in the plane in a minute and then the game begins.

I’m getting underway a project I’ve dreamed of for so long.

Travel around the blogs

The plan is: I travel around the world, meeting bloggers from different countries, discovering new places, flavours, culture, people with passion. I explore foreign blogospheres and talk about ours, the Polish one.

I don’t read a guide. The people I meet when visiting a particular city are the guide.

I amplify the blog’s topic range at the same time. I write about places, flavours, impressions, new countries, cuisines, people and of course about the bloggers I meet, about the characteristics of the particular country’s blogosphere.

Why am I doing this?

Because I like travelling and I like bloggers.

My life suggested many times that travelling is the right thing for me, in both professional and private sense. I have carried out a couple of travel-related projects with some bloggers. From more than a year I am a freelancer, I love mobile life, cafés, people with passion. I rest while being on the way, I work efficiently on trains and buses, I read traveler’s write-ups, I love flying.

“Fear? It exists only in your head”, as Włóczykij made me aware yesterday. He is back after a 400 days long wandering around the world. “People don’t know you’re ashamed, embarrassed or afraid if you don’t tell them.”

The project links my professional life with the private one. I discover blogospheres, integrate, travel and talk about the Polish bloggers, promoting our plot of land. I find new places for #mymobileoffice, new flavours and spaces.

Nobody from Poland (or maybe nobody at all) have started to travel around the world to get to know foreign blogospheres yet.

How am I going to do this?

The perfect plan is one city/country a month. In order to prevent a mere flash in the pan, I bought flight tickets for the next few months. I hope nothing’s gonna stand in my way to go.

Sure I would like to live in a particular country for a couple of weeks, but now I’m going for a few days, depending on the budget and time. Besides, I’d like to check how it works. If it does, maybe I’ll come back to these places to spend there more time and to explore them by the participant observation method.

I don’t stick firmly to the established form of talking about the project. Maybe I will surprise myself by inventing a format I haven’t even dreamed of.

While being in the cities, I will also lifetramp, in other words: spend time with the mentors from Lifetramp, familiarize myself with the secrets of their work and their everyday life. I am curious how a day of a digital manager in Stockholm or a radio producer in New York looks like.

I have a camera, a lens, the blog and a lot of eagerness.

What comes first?

I begin in Malta.

I’ve chosen it for several reasons. I’d like to feel the wave of hot air while getting off the plane. I want to spend time on a small island where, apart from the beaches and palm trees, there are historical monuments, cafés with extraordinary atmosphere and where it’s safe to live. I love mediterranean food and I want to eat it on the island.

And the most important reason: the maltese blogosphere is totally unknown to me.

Will it work?

The first day on Malta I’m going to meet thirteen female bloggers. The bloggers are enthusiastic about my project. I am about to bring Polish candies to Malta. Many Polish people keep their fingers crossed, which is very important to me.

It will work.

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