How does London taste? Eating London Tour


What do you associate with London food? Apart from that popular breakfast with beans, eggs and sausages that I am not enthusiastic about.

For me it’s a culinary, multi-cultural mix, so when arriving there I was curious what will surprise me – apart from my favourite food from boxes at Camden Market. Yummy. As a reminder: there are boxes with food from all over the world at Camden Market, delicious things and countries, whatever you prefer.

This is a tradition that I go on a Food Tour in a country I’m visiting (that is a few hours long trip through a city looking for local food and history of places that I taste). I had accepted the invitation from the Eating London Tour team and I went to taste London.

We did the entire Food Tour in the Brick Lane district which attracts people with its optionality. A lot of murals, old buildings and the street names are written in Bengali. This is because since the 50s the majority of Bengali and Muslim people have lived there.

At every step you can find interesting murals, buildings, doors behind which a film is being made or markets with amazing and strange things.
I definitely feel good in such a non-obvious climate.

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We strolled in this climate for 3.5 hours and tasted the following things:

Bread pudding

How surprisingly good is this! Baked bread with warm pudding.





Fish and chips

In probably the best and the oldest bar in London called “Poppies” which “has been serving fish and chips all his life” :)




On the second day in an unknown box a woman served us fish and chips in a newspaper.


Beer and cider in an old, cosy English bar

I tried quite a lot of ciders in London. Some of them tasted as rotten apples and some others were delicious and refreshing. I don’t remember the names of the best ones. There were too many of them. I mean too many names of different ciders to remember.

Indian food

A culinary blogger, MsMarmiteLover, who is a genuine London citizen told me that the best bars with the best food in London belong to Indians and these were her favourites.
So an Indian bar was one stop during our Food Tour. I hankered for India then…



Aga and Maciek from the “I saw pictures” blog had taken me for these bagels two days earlier. A cosy place and crowded. It is open 24/7 and they serve bagels with cheese, salmon, meat, real pieces of meat and many other things to choose from.

The bagels are constantly baked in a kitchen nearby and men just bring and bring new ones. And how they smiled when I appeared with my camera in front of them. You must go there if you are in London!

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London tea and a cake made of salted caramel


And we’re happy and full!

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As you can see it was English and internationally.

The guide woman was brilliant. She lives in Brick Lane so she showed us around her own neighbourhood as good friends. They are launching Soho Food Tour so if you are interested go for it.
If you have your own culinary discoveries in London then write about them.

…and this bread pudding… yum-yum.

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