What happens around when you staring at your phone?


In Budapest I deleted Facebook from my mobile. I had to take a break from the constant checking of the FB wall.

I hid the mobile in my pocket, sat on a bench at the Danube and started looking around.

Yes, I know, I travel around the world with the “Travel around the blogs” project, I should instantly report everything, upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and write, write and write on the Messenger.

But now I know that I shouldn’t.

I should collect impressions, observe, talk to people, touch, smell, taste, absorb in order to write about later as best as I can.

Talks when phone in my pocket

An older woman sat down next to me: “Can you see what a wonderful weather we have, how pretty are the clouds. Too bad not many people look up to the sky now. And you know, looking up at the sky is like looking into oneself“, she said while glancing at two young girls gazing into their mobiles.

In a coffee shop I sat at the counter. Because my name has Hungarian origins, it was easier for me to interact with others. Bartender, around 50 years old: “You know what? Sometimes I watch the couples that come here. They sit together at the same table. He’s staring at his mobile with a blush on his face, she does the same. They drink their coffee and they don’t exchange a single word. They leave. Please tell me, miss, is it how the young people talk with each other right now? Is it the same in Poland?”

I sit on the bench. Mobile in my pocket. I watch the river’s current. A boy sat down next to me. He smiled and so did I. We started talking. Now I have a new friend. We wouldn’t notice each other if we were gazing at our mobiles.

My mobile work

Quick explanation. I love working with social media, Internet communication is my thing for 14 years already. It’s thanks to technology that I can work and travel at the same time. I use mobile Internet,

I check e-mails, use Whatsapp, Instagram, I have Orange roaming so I can always pick up calls in every country on a bus stop, in a train, a bus, on the countryside, in the cities, mountains, valleys.

Need to talk

I installed Facebook again because I use it for work, but I did promise myself to watch everything around me more often than scroll through the wall.

To look out of the window in buses. To watch people in the streets. To talk on the phone more often instead of only texting. To talk with my friends without staring at my phone.

And to look up to the sky more often as the Hungarian grandma said. It works. I feel better.

In a moment I will be in Bulgaria, but I’m still reminiscing about Budapest. As per the tradition look at how has it been in Budapest from the roaming perspective. infografika_budapeszt_2209

Call me

And you know what? Since I have this Orange roaming and the caller doesn’t have to pay anything, call me once in a while – make it a part of my resolution about talking more often instead of only sending messages.

Maybe I will be in Bulgarian countryside at that moment, maybe in mountains or maybe in a vineyard.

I’ll bring a souvenir from Bulgaria for those who’ll catch me with their calls between September 28th and October 7th. You’ll find my number in “About me”.

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