Share Week 2015 – recommended blogs


The Share Week is underway – a brilliant initiative from Poland, where bloggers share three blogs they consider to be worthy of attention. This helps us get to know new sites and appreciate their authors.

The initiative was conceived by Andrzej Tucholski from the blog and we’re already enjoying its fourth edition. I’ve had the pleasure to participate in each one of them.

I find it particularly difficult to pick three blogs, since due to my ‘profession’ I read a lot of them. I decided to mention those, which came to my mind first, and which I’ve been visiting most often in recent months – not because I saw a link on Facebook but because I was genuinely curious what will the next post be about.

World of Wonderlust

Brooke Saward is someone I look up to when it comes to putting your traveller lifestyle into business brackets. She’s been on a constant move for the past several months, by herself! Her travelling style is more elegant that backpacker, more hotel than couchsurfing, but she narrates it like a good friend, without being pompous about it. Can you imagine she takes all of the pictures herself? Yeah, even those you can see below. She manages the newsletter very well (subscribe and see for yourself), juggles her social media accounts, conducts courses, writes books and meets readers all across the globe.


Poczuj się lepiej / Feel better about yourself

I’m absorbing this blog. Yoga, good life with respect to yourself and your body. I liked Agata’s writing so much, that I had to meet her for coffee, and if it wasn’t for work, we would’ve chatted for a looong time. Agata is a yoga teacher with a very positive attitude toward life and I feel like one day, she’ll have her own spot in Warsaw with the words “Get better” above the entrance. I’ll make sure to take some yoga lessons there, drop in for a massage and a cup of coffee. You’ll see, Agata!


Agnieszka Maciąg

I chill out, relax, but at the same time feel energized when I read this blog. It’s about good life, delicious food and love. I enjoy coming back to the spaces created by Agnieszka. There’s plenty of candidness there.


I just scratched out the other blogs I had listed. It’s so difficult to pick just three. At the end of the day, if those were the three that I thought of initially, then there must be a reason to that.

I wonder who I’ll have next year.

If you made lists of your own, let me know!

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