What happens before the plane takes off?


I’m on a plane, it’s about to take off. I love this moment and it’s been a while since I stopped feeling nervous about it. But there was a time… What if the propeller falls off? What if the luggage compartment opens?

That’s why I decided to make use of my relations with LOT airlines and learn how the airplane is prepared to the take-off, so that each screw is on its place.

My friend, a LOT stewardess, explained everything to me. Her name is Joasia (as I already told, stewardesses have become my good friends). Things she told me aren’t told to everyone. I obtained the following information especially for you.

Let’s start, one thing at a time!

Aircraft maintenance check

When you’re on your way to the airport or during the check-in process, your plane is being prepared to the flight. It’s being accurately checked from the technical point of view by aircraft maintenance technicians.

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Arrival of the Crew

The aircrew checks in one hour before a short-distance flight and one hour and 45 minutes before long-distance flights. Then they collect appropriate documents necessary for the flight, for example the flight route and the weather forecast on the route and at the airport of destination.

Captain’s crew briefing

Afterwards, the crew briefing takes place: the captain gives the crew instructions about the flight.

The manager checks the crew

The aircraft manager discusses the rules of service with the crew, checks the knowledge of the team concerning failures, the uniforms, and verifies the validity of authorizations as well as the required documentation.


The crew checks the aircraft

The crew members go to the plane, where they are obliged to check the emergency equipment, without which it’s impossible to fly, the food supplies and the general cleanliness of the plane.

Information about the passengers

Moreover, the ground staff provides the crew members with the information about the number of passengers in different classes, special-needs passengers, so-called infants (children up to 2 years of age), passengers in wheelchairs or children traveling without parents or guardian.

Passengers take their seats

When the passengers have taken their seats, the shelves are closed and the luggage is secured. The doors are closed and armed, which is when we usually hear: CABIN CREW, DOORS IN FLIGHT AND CROSS CHECKED.


Welcome and security presentation

The Captain and the Manager welcome the passengers; afterwards, the presentation on the use of safety belts takes place, followed by the information about emergency exits and their localization and about how the oxygen masks work.

After the preparation of the passenger compartment and the buffets have been checked, and after the captain has been informed about the crew’s readiness for the take-off, the crew members take their seats in the designated jump seats and try to focus on remembering their most important tasks in emergency situations.


And this is how the FLIGHT begins! We feel relaxed… :) At least this is how we should feel.


I become addicted to flying. Month after month, I start feeling more and more “at home” when I’m on a LOT plane…

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